The wind played with her hair as she leaned back and closed her eyes, determined to remember this moment forever. She could feel the smile creeping across her face. She flung her arms out like wings on each side of her. The euphoria she was feeling was like nothing she’d ever felt before.

Opening her eyes, she saw streaks of green and grey below. As the world below continued spinning on its unfaltering path, she was breaking the rules. No one had been this high above the ground before, and moving this fast. She was the first.

Her flying invention obediently left the ground and stayed high. It went where she asked it to go. It gave her the adventure and joy she could only dream of.

Her first 57 attempts had left her scrapped up and bruised, but the 58th time, she got it. She was free and flying like the birds. No one would keep her on the ground now. She knew she was born to fly.


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