Little One

Clara wanted the same thing any other 8 year old would want. She wanted her own kingdom. She knew it was her right. She knew it was her inheritance. She knew one day it would be hers.

As she sat in her carriage admiring the new blooms on the apple trees, she couldn’t help but think that there was something she was forgetting. She knew that this weekend was her coming of age ceremony. She was to start her training in the ways of becoming a princess. She wouldn’t become the crowned princess until her 15th year.

“M’lady, are you set?” The carriage had stopped and her governess was waiting on the pavement for her to exit as well.

“Sorry Ms. I was lost in a thought.” She quickly gathered her things and descended the steps. A footman went ahead of them and carried her luggage into the foyer of the quaintest cottage she had ever seen.

“What were you thinking about little one?” She viewed her governess more as an older sister than a authoritative figure.

“About what is to come.” She sighed and bounced towards the cottage.

“Well that’s quite a deep thought for one so young. What things to come are you expecting?”

“You know, the training, the ceremony, then the title. Soon I will be a princess.” She gave her governess an excited smile and continued skipping.

“Well your time will come. Time will pass faster than you think.”

“Ms. can I ask you a question?” She stopped at the door and turned. Her thought showed on her face. Whatever question she was about to ask, it was a serious one.

“Of course little one. You can ask me anything.” She knelt down to Clara’s level.

“Do you think I will make a good princess?”

“As long as you remember that the more concerned you are for others than for yourself, the better you will be. Can you do that? Put others first?”

“I think so. I try and put you first Ms.”

The governess was caught off guard by this comment. She gave a surprised chuckle.

“I know little one. And if you keep doing that, I know you will be a great princess.”


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