As the grand doors swung heavily to allow the late arrival to enter, it revealed a beauty that had not been seen in the kingdom before. The girl that entered looked eerily familiar to the crowd assembled, but she was like no one they had ever seen before. The dress she wore shimmered as she glided down the steps; her fingertips lightly sliding over the banister. The deep maroon fabric lightly kissed the floor while with each movement, the dress would, for just a moment, reveal a hidden navy undertone.

A hush quickly spread across the large ballroom. No one could take their eyes off of this enchanting girl. She was a diamond sparkling among rubies. The pressure of attention only added to the girls confidence. She didn’t falter for even a moment as she gracefully descended the grand staircase, a striking contrast against the white marble steps and gold accented woodwork.

Her eyes fell on the princess and, for a moment, the neutral expression broke and a flash of anger spread across her face, but she quickly regained control over her emotions. The room quickly shifted from awe and surprise at this new arrival, to tension and curiosity. The two girls, determination in each step, headed toward each other, meeting in the center of the ballroom.

“Well hello. Didn’t expect to see you again.”

“Yes. I’d expect not, but it is so good to be home sister.”


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