“Sorry I’m late. There was a train.” Sasha tugged on her sleeve until the light blue jacket came loose.

“Well you aren’t missing anything yet. Luke beat you here.” Steve took her coat while she started pulling off her scarf.

“Oh.” Sasha paused for a second absorbing this new information. “How’d that happen? I didn’t think you invited him.” She laid the scarf on top of her jacket.

“I didn’t. Mel did.” He rolled his eyes as he turned to the guestroom to leave her things there.

“Yikes. This is going to be fun.”

She took a few steps and paused at the entrance just before her, taking a breath to ready herself. She could here Luke’s voice coming out of the room, no doubt telling one of his strange stories.

“… and the professor didn’t laugh, so I had to explain to him that it was a joke, but that now it wasn’t funny because I had to explain it.” Luke was nervously scratching his arm as he finished up his story.

“Hey Sasha! Glad you could make it!” Mel shot her a smile and wave. “Come sit next to Luke and me. There’s space.” She patted the empty space on the couch. She was already leaning on Luke as if he was the only thing keeping her tethered to the ground.

Sasha quickly took in the room. Other than the two lovebirds, Stacey and Kylee were on the love seat, and Greg was on the floor leaning on the coffee table. She assumed the empty chair across from her was where Steve had been sitting.

“I’ll sit down by Greg, thanks.” Sasha quickly dropped to the floor next to him.

“What did I miss?” She whispered.

“Not much.” Greg was one of Luke’s best friends, but even he got awkward when they were in a large group. “You know how it is.”

Sasha watched as Greg put on his ‘I’m about to mimic Luke’ face.

“I came, I saw, I made it awkward.”

Sasha had to fake a cough to stop herself from laughing.


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