The world is a large and dangerous place. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

I could feel the cold of the concrete force its way through my blanket. I leaned against the wall behind me as I sat contemplating my next move. The bells in the distance reminding me that my fairy tale was over. Midnight brought me back to my sad reality. A reality where even the shadows had ears. There was no where to hide. No one I could trust but myself. I was never a bad person, nor did I have any desire to be. That being said, finding myself on the run from the law was not by choice, but that’s the position I find myself in now.

I opened my eyes and took in the empty alley around me. The city lights reflected in the puddles from yesterday’s rain. I hiked the blanket up and wrapped up my shoulders. It wasn’t much, but even the thin fabric felt like a protective wall against the world around me. The city hummed in the streets beyond my hideaway. People coming and going from their cars. In and out of fancy restaurants running to make their reservations. None of them knowing the dark secret that lies behind each and every favor asked of them. That’s where I was starting. It was the only thread I had, and I intended on yanking on it.

I heard someone coughing to the left of me. I ignored the old man who popped his head around the corner of a dumpster.

“You’re new. Haven’t seen you around before. What’s your trouble?”

“Nothing.” I whispered as I fiddled with the corner of my cardboard bed.

The old man raised an invisible hat in my direction.

“Begging your pardon. Didn’t mean to offend.” He crawled forward and got to his feet. “Just curious how a biggie like you ends up in my neck of the woods.” He shuffled to the other side of the dumpster and leaned against it, giving him a better view of my situation.

“I’m no biggie. Just someone in the wrong place at the wrong time.” I looked back to the right, catching a lady running past in her high heels giggling as she drifted by.

“Isn’t that how life goes.” He seemed to look up pondering this statement. “Always the wrong place at the wrong time. Question is, whatcha doing about it?” He gave me a once over before chuckling to himself and shuffled down the way he came.

“Oh I’ll think of something.” I mumbled in reply. “I have to.”



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