She tilted her head up towards the clouds and closed her eyes feeling the small damp droplets hit her face. She took in the moist air and could smell the earth around her. It smelt like her childhood. Like times long gone.

Standing on the patch of green, she felt safe and secure. Feelings of the soft mud underfoot, she squished her sandals into it. The ground was no longer thirsty after the three days of rain it was given.

Sasha let her head fall forward and opened her eyes bringing her back to reality. She knew that her small patch of grass was the only piece of home she felt she had.

Taking in the sights of the morning brought the sounds of the busy and impatient city buzzing to life.

“I hate Mondays.” She mumbled to herself as she stepped onto the sidewalk and headed towards the bus stop and towards her first day at a new job. The rain continued to fall washing away the past with each step forward she took. “Lets see what today has to offer.”


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