The forest was humming with life. Birds swooped down overhead picking off their unsuspecting breakfast from mid air. The breeze sang as it strolled through the leaves and branches of the trees. The moss on the bark of the trees was a happy green. The morning sun broke through the canopy above in golden rays catching the dust falling through the air. Flowers blooming around on the ground provided a welcoming carpet of color.

Standing in an opening stood a girl. The scene around her was surreal. She took in large gulps of air. Never had she smelt or even tasted anything so fresh and clean. Kneeling on the ground, she stroked the tops of the blades of grass. They bowed at her touch, then returned to attention when her hand passed by. Standing back up she took a few steps forward. The ground was soft, yet firm under her feet.

Everything was so fresh. She had never seen so much Earth before, much less plants and animals. The stories and descriptions she heard didn’t even come close to the splendors of life before her. She never wanted to leave; but she knew her time was short. Any minute now, she would have to return. To go back to the dark dim bland life on Marah.

As if thinking about the depressing reality awaiting her, she saw the forest slowly falling away. The beautiful scene before her dripped out of existence like paint being washed off of a wall.

“I will go back… someday.” She promised to herself. “I will…”


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