Normal was something the world was trying to achieve. People fought to fit in. They worked to not be noticed. They lived to blend in. Being normal means being alive. The cost of standing out is to high.

Years before, to be normal was unappealing. Everyone was unique. Everyone was different. It was a world of creativity and inspiration. A pop of color against the blackness of the unknown. The world worked separately, yet it fit so well together. Everyone worked to find their place. How to make a difference and stand out against the background. Fitting their piece into the puzzle.

Those days are long gone now though. Individuality is no longer praised. It is feared. Now the whole world works together to make the different the same. To make the abnormal normal, but if that doesn’t work, then you disappear. No one knows what happens to those who stand out. No one wants to find out. Everyone just lives to fit in.

This was the new normal.


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