Have you ever wondered what the animals at the zoo think of you? As you stand there cooing over their cuteness, have you ever wondered if they think you’re cute? If your child is adorable and pink?

Imagine the rolls being reversed. Mankind was set to live in a little glass box. Fully equipped with home and work situations. Others on the outside watching how we live our lives. What we do for entertainment. How we deal with others of our kind. What we choose to care for and protect.

That feeling of being watched. Of being under a microscope. Those are the feelings that drive a person mad. Living like a caged animal always expected to perform. No one likes that feeling. No one wants that.

As a species, humans fight to protect their own privacy, but some dig as deep as they can in others. Searching the lives of their friends and family to uncover that hidden secret tucked away from the light of the world. Once that secret is exposed, you become that caged animal. People might come and look at you. Try and figure out who you are, and why you kept this secret hidden. Others might just marvel and use you as an example for others. “If you aren’t careful, this is what you will become.”

The more people fight to uncover a secret, the more protective people become over it. The more intense the secret, the more exposed that person will be once it is revealed. It isn’t others that risk us becoming caged animals, it is ourselves and our own hidden away thoughts and actions. We have the power to become our own worst enemies.


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