Town Car

The city streets flashed by as Sarah looked out the window. She felt the chill of the outside forcing its way in through the frosty glass. The people were almost motionless blurs as they continued down the road. She knew that each person she passed had a story. A life that was unique, but at this moment everyone looked the same. Just a blur on the sidewalk. She longingly looked at the lively city as the drove by.

As the car came to a stop at a light, the outside began to move again. Soon she became the motionless woman sitting in the backseat of a town car. The black vehicle no doubt stood out against the white banks of the streets.

The light turned green and the car continued on its way. The perception of movement and still going back and forth until they reached their destination.

“Here we are Mrs. Silton. Back again for another adventure.”

Fred, the driver, had been driving her family since before she was born. She remembered him well growing up. He always had a good story to tell, never once repeating the same story.

“Thank you Fred. As always, it was a peaceful drive.” Fred came around and opened the door. Sarah tugged on her full silk skirt trying to maneuver her legs out of the car without stepping on the mountain of fabric. She felt her heel hit the ground and knew she was almost there. Fred reached out a hand and she gracefully took it and pulled herself out of the car. “I will probably only be here for an hour. I’ll send you a message when I am ready for you to bring the car around.”

“Very good Mrs. Silton. Enjoy yourself.” He tipped his hat and got back in the car and drove off. where to, she never knew.

Sarah turned around and headed up the stone slab steps. The doorman opened the door and welcomed her.

Stepping in a coat checker grabbed her outer layer and returned with her hanger number.

This was her last chance to turn around and pretend like she never came. She felt her heart racing and her breath quicken.

Willing herself to calm down, she closed her eyes and took a few breaths forcing her body to obey her. She opened her eyes and entered the ball room. Ready for whatever was thrown at her.



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