Ruins of the Past

The sun continued to pelt the dry wasteland as Sal walked. Mirages were scattered around her promising water and rest, but she knew they were lies. She had to stay on track. She had to make it to the ruins.

Readjusting her hood, she checked the copper compass. It was her father’s. He gave it to her before the change. It was suppose to be an heirloom. She never guessed that she would ever actually need to use it.

With each passing step, Sal continued to get more and more desperate to see the ruins. She knew they were out here. Many travelers had come through her town telling tales of the ruins. The hope that they held. The treasures it hid. Getting there was how she was going to help her family come back from the terrible things that had happened. This was their ticket to better.

Sal was wiping away the beads of sweat forming on her forehead when she saw something from the corner of her eye. She looked over the direction it had come from. A few seconds past, and she saw it again. It couldn’t be more than 200 feet away. Knowing it was probably not smart to do so, she began to run. She felt in her bones that this had to be the ruins, or at least the beginning of them.

When she got closer, she slowed down; waiting for another glare. She was thankful that it happened again. This time, it was only about 80 feet. Her body protested, but she kept running towards it.

As she got closer, she could see something popping out of the sand. She jogged over and knelt down beside it.

Carefully scooping away the sand, she dug out the mystery object. It was a small rectangle only 4 or 5 inches long. About a quarter an inch deep. One side had a black surface with a circular indent close to the bottom edge, while the other was silver and had a circular black raised section near the top. Looking at each side, the first had a small raised section that clicked when she pushed it. The other side had two raised sections. Spinning it around, it didn’t seem to do anything, but still seemed like a good find. The ruins have to be close by. She figured this weird object couldn’t just be lying by itself in the middle of the wastelands. Other treasures had to be around.

Sal stood up, looked at her compass, and readjusted her path from the slight diversion she had taken. If this was just the beginning, surely there were more valuable treasures ahead.


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