Past to Present

She stepped into the dusty hallway, brushing away cobwebs as she went. This place had been long forgotten. She continued forward, occasionally glancing at the map quickly drawn onto the palm of her hand. Gliding past each door, walking past the ones that were closed, and peering into the ones that were slightly ajar. Each turn she made was a decisive move. She knew why she was here. She knew what she was looking for, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t be a little nosy while she was getting it.

After a half an hour of walking through what should have been a labyrinth of hallways, she stopped in front of a door that was closed. Kneeling down, she started picking the lock, which only took a few second. Hearing the satisfying click of the lock giving way, she stood up and pushed open the door.

“Finally” she heard herself mumble.

Stepping into the dusty dark room, the light on her vest filled the room with a white glow. She slowly walked around the room, taking in every single item visible. After making a complete circle, she started opening drawers and cupboards and cabinets. Nothing in the room was locked, and nothing seemed to be secured, other than the lock on the door.

“Where is it?” asking the empty room as if it would respond. “It’s suppose to be here!”

She continued tearing the room apart for hours, finding nothing.

“I don’t understand…” again speaking to the empty room.

Feeling completely defeated, she retraced her steps and left the empty world behind. Not knowing where to go from here, she climbed back up the ladder to her world. The world of light, hoping someday to come across what was left behind. Hoping that it wasn’t to late.


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