I gripped the cold metal compass tightly as I blinked in the bright expanse around me. No matter which way I turned, all I saw was white.

I tugged my scarf above my nose with my free hand and braced myself to turn back into the wind and blowing snow. I looked back at the compass in my hand and willed it to stop spinning. It had been doing this for the last half hour. I thought I was finally on my way back to my life, but now life was throwing another curve ball at me. This was probably another test. I had been through so many crazy things over the last six months, sometimes I wondered if this was truly real, or just another way to put me through tests like a mouse in a maze.

I spun back into the wind and continued trudging back through three feet of snow. I was hoping that I was heading in the same direction I had been before my compass freaked out on me. that was my only hope. I had to keep going. No matter what. Real or not. Whatever was coming up ahead, I couldn’t wait here for it. I wouldn’t.

Come what may, I was going to get my life back.


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