Magnifying Glass

I stood alone in a deserted street with the lamps glowing suspiciously at me. They knew that I was different, almost trying to warn those around me, but no one was paying attention. I can’t explain why I knew, but nonetheless I had that gut feeling that something was about to change my life forever. The air was sweeter, the sidewalk just ever so slightly less straight. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but all of these small changes made everything seem  subtly different while being blatantly obvious.

I creep forward another foot, peering around the door before I let it fall closed behind me. It slams quickly, filling the quiet street with an echoing crash making myself jump.

Despite the interruption to the peace on the street, nothing moved. The street continued to sleep in peace.

I moved cautiously down the steps watching for movement along the still darkness. As I found my footing for the last step a mouse ran across the sidewalk in front of me. I quickly jumped to the left startled from the sudden intrusion of space. After a few seconds of stillness, I continued forward, not quite sure where I was heading. Wherever it was, it would be a new adventure. I took in a deep breath willing myself to be ready for anything.

I finished walking down the street and came to the corner of the building. I peered around hoping that the next street would be as deserted as this one. Sure enough, it was.

I cautiously walked around the corner and started heading down that street. I didn’t really know where I was going, but I knew I had to get there sooner rather than later.

I walked for what felt like forever. Continually cautious about what was around the next corner, but it seemed like I didn’t need to worry about that. As far as I could tell, this city was deserted. I hadn’t seen any sign that people had been here for quite a while. This brought a lot of questions to mind. I didn’t know where to begin.

Every store front I passed looked stocked like it was waiting for it’s owner to come at any moment and open up shop. Whatever happened here, it seemed like everyone left in a hurry.

The next store window I looked into, I knew well. This had been my father’s shop. It had been in the family for the last 150 years. My great grandfather had been the one to open it up, and it had been passed down from father to son ever since. Because I wasn’t a son, my father would have had to pass it on to me, but it didn’t seem likely anymore.

I tried the door, and it surprisingly popped open. The chimes on the door rattled against the glass singing their welcome. I silenced them with a quick hand to hold them still.

The air flow from outside stirred the dust in the shop and I started coughing. There had to be at least two years of dust building up here.

Where did everyone go? What happened here? My mind was spinning. I walked around the shop looking at how things had changed since I was last here.

I was so caught up in my  trip down memory lane, I didn’t hear the man that came up behind me until it was to late.

“Welcome home.”

I felt a needle go into my neck and watched the world go black as I fell into a deep sleep.


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