Platform One

I was standing at the edge of the yellow line waiting for the train to stop. I always miss rush hour on my way to the office, thank goodness. I can’t handle the people and the pushing. Things get to crowded.

I heard the train come to a stop, and the doors open. People instantly started streaming off of the subway car.

Once the flow of people stopped, I walked on and grabbed the first handrail I saw.

As I was waiting for the train doors I felt someone put something on my wrist. I looked down to see a man handcuff a briefcase to me.

“Hey what are you doing?” I yelled at him.

He let go of the case, and it pulled me off balance with the unexpected weight attached to my arm.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered and sidestepped off of the train as the doors closed behind him.

As I righted myself, we locked eye contact. I watched him until we went into the tunnel and couldn’t see the platform anymore.

I looked down at the case attached to my wrist. What was happening? What was I suppose to do now?

The train moved steadily along the track, slightly jogging the passengers inside with adjustments to direction.

There were maybe twenty people on the car with me. I don’t think anyone even noticed what had just happened to me.

I moved to an empty chair on the car. I chose one in the corner away from everyone. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, but something told me it wasn’t anything good.


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