Past vs. Present


It was a little difficult moving around with a straitjacket on, but this was hardly the first time he had to do it. It had been some time, so he was a little out of practice, but he knew as long as he kept his cool, he could get out. There’s always a way out.

It had been quite a few years since he had to worry about this type of thing but, as always, the past eventually catches up with you. He always knew it would.

He sat in the middle of the room concentrating on his goal. Getting out of the straitjacket. His fingers wiggled excitedly as he imagined his movements. He needed to make sure he had a plan before he made any movement. He pulled his right arm over to his left shoulder, and found some slack he had gathered when they put the jacket on. He pulled his right arm over his head. Feeling the freedom already, he knew he was out. He just had to unbuckle a few things, then he would be out of here. After he had unbuckled the buckles, he whipped the jacket off over his head.

As he walked to the door, he wished that he knew how long that took. He was confident he had just beat an old record.


He felt the wind whip past him as he flew around town on his skateboard. This was his favorite thing to do. Being in a small town had its advantages. Since everyone was within walking distance of everything, he didn’t have to worry to often about cars getting in his way.

All the neighbors shouted at him as he flew by.

“Billy, you better put a helmet on!”

He hated to wear a helmet. First of all, he didn’t need one, and second, it looked lame. That was always the excuse for kids. If it didn’t look cool, they didn’t do it.

“Sure thing Mrs. Miller.” he would shout back not intending to do as she requested.

But this was how life was for him. His days seemed to be perfect. And that’s when everything changed.


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